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Writing Life

Tom Wells' first novel Drop Ins is out
we heard him read from upcoming novel number two at the
Texas Writers Conference at Schreiner U. on April 8, 2003
More news on how to get it to be posted here, or check out

Anne Schneider's new book of poetry
Breath Found Along the Way.
is also out
 Anne also read at the Texas Writers Conference

also reading at the Texas Writers Conference was
Sam Skeist who has a demo CD Selections from Fingerprints.
Sam stunned 'em at the Kerrville Folk Festival on the Threadgill Stage, Thursday, May 29, 2004
 His stuff can be read in the  The Black Widow & The Brown Recluse (Vol. 2, No. 3) or on his own website at


I have some things recently published online and off. Here's where you can find them:

Time Catches On                                          Waterways

Louie Armstrong of the Colonias    Doorknobs & Bodypaint

Six Ways to Kill Fire Ants                   Poets Against The War

Melissa in the Year of Nothing Else to Do
Sometimes Suicide is Not Enough
The Hum of High Wires            Unlikely Stories

"If life wasn't so vulgar, we might find the poems of Tony Gallucci shocking. But life is a nasty business, and the harsh, frank words of Tony's poems seem to fit contemporary reality perfectly. Whether discussing sex or suicide, they carry a kindness and sensitivity that melds perfectly with their rough facades, pulling together the emotional and carnal into a comfortably real package."                          -- Jonathan Penton, Unlikely Stories

Pissing Off Jimmy Santiago Baca

And Stazja McFadyen published my Mother Ocean, Father Island in her Map of Austin Poetry #275.

Susan Ellis, Paris: "Tony Gallucci's "Mother Ocean, Father Island" has left me exhausted. I'll have to come back and read the rest [of the poems] when I've caught my breath. This is such a wonderful example of why we debate - Is this prose or is this poetry? The long dense lines carried me along and included me in the struggle. For me it was very definitely poetry."

Ross Clark, Brisbane: "Stazja, a good read from the last MAP theme . . .  Tony Gallucci's "Mother Ocean, Father Island": now THAT's a prosepoem with tidal flow. I wish you all the Pacific."

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Prairie Home Companion has featured our own Lana Book's wonderful story Casserole Ladies on their website. It's available right now at::
this is apparently no longer available

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check out some of these poems from y.h. chang heavy industries

half-breed apache



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Local Writers

Tivy High School grad Razor Dobbs is working on his first novel "Lion Killer." Razor was tour manager for a while for both Ted Nugent and Robert Earl Keen.

Schreiner University Professor Dr. Kathleen Hudson's got a new book in the works, tentatively titled "Voices of Women in  Texas Music" it will be published by the University of Texas Press. Her book "Telling Stories, Writing Songs: An Album of Texas Songwriters" was released last spring. Kathleen and her book are making waves in both the writing and music communities: she was featured in the April 13 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education and in the April 23 issue of the New Yorker. Great stuff! You can get it at Wolfmueller's Books and Records, or order it below from UT Press: She's working on a new book on Women Songwriters.

Dr. David Breeden, also of Schreiner, has two books out and available, "Stack to the Moon," and "Artistas." Both are available from Breeden or online. The first can be downloaded, bought as a CD-ROM or ordered as a paperback, the second is available as a download or as a paperback. Dr. Breeden has recently been notified that "Artistas" will be published in regular edition. He is currently shopping a fourth novel "The Encumbranauts."
Stack to the Moon

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Some Personal Choices

Best places to find a book:

Wolfmueller's Books and Records, Kerrville, Texas
Larry McMurtry's, Archer City, Texas

Favorite writers -- period:
William Goyen, Naomi Shihab Nye, Joy Harjo,
Susan Power, Steven Tye Cuthbert and James Welch

Favorite contemporary poets:
Walt McDonald (the first Poet Laureate of Texas),
Marvin Bell, William Matthews, Naomi Shihab Nye and Czeslaw Milosz

Favorite writers of conscience:
Thom the World Poet, Trinidad Sanchez, Jr., raulrsalinas,
John Trudell, Carolyn Forche and Larry Thoren;
and the writers Barbara Kingsolver and Vine DeLoria

Favorite writer of humor and insight:
Cynthia Harper

Favorite political commentators:
Greg Moses

Favorite columnists:
Kris Clack, Molly Ivins, William Pitt

*      *      *

The National Poetry Slam

puro!Slam! -- home of the 2001 National Champions San Antonio Slam

the Austin Slam Team at Egos, Austin

the 2002 National Slam Finals

Here's some archived history of the 1998 National Slam.
Austin Chronicle article