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Locker Room Writers & Thinkers Worshop
graphics by Ramzy Masri

The Locker Room Writers & Thinkers Workshop started as a group of soccer and football players and students at Kerrville Tivy High School and Peterson Middle School who were looking for mentoring and help improving their writing. Since 1989 we have published six print anthologies and hosted several public readings. We are most honored to have published the Literary Anthology of the First World-Scholar Athlete Games (Rhode Island in 1993), to have been invited to read at the Texas Book Festival at the Texas State Capitol in 2001, and to have The Black Widow & The Brown Recluse honored as one of the nation's top high school writers ezines by the WordsWork Network of Web del Sol. The Black Widow & The Brown Recluse online magazine began in 2001 to celebrate our association with the Kerrville Book Festival and to further disseminate the words of our writers. We now include in our circle of local writers, students from Notre Dame Catholic School, Hunt School, Center Point High School, Schreiner University & Our Lady of the Hills High School. We now have a direct association with the English and Theatre Departments of Ingram Tom Moore High School. In 2003 we began venturing outwards more, looking to publish outstanding writing by students worldwide. We also publish the works of established, professional and well-known poets by invitation, hoping to mix the new  and raw with the polished.