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Programs by Mark Standing Eagle Baez
Please check out the wonderful Native American story, song and dance presentations
and programs of Mark Standing Eagle Baez at his website:

Mark Standing Eagle Baez and family

The Austin ISD Pow-Wow, November 2001

Jack Gladstone and Blackfire!

The Austin ISD Pow-Wow, November 2000

Bill Miller, Joanne Shenandoah, and Jerome Poyer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   All photos by tony gallucci


Sahawe Indian Dancers
117 Studer Street, Uvalde, Texas 78801


Scenes from Peter Buffet's "Spirit" with Robert Mirabal


Excellent work on exploitation

E. Cubbins -- University of Arizona


Pikuni, Peigan, Siksika

Blackfeet Nation


Texas Band history


Texas compliance with
Indian Child Welfare Act


The Seri


The Zapatistas

EZLN en Espanol

Zapatista network

Zapatistas in Cyberspace

Leonard Peltier

Anyone interested in this case should begin by reading what i consider the fullest and fairest account of the siege and trials -- "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" by Peter Mathiessen. The book is pro-Peltier. None of the anti-Peltier accounts available have any semblance of fairness to them.  Those familiar with the scenario can keep up to date
using the links below:

Defense Committee

Strategy meeting


Native American Radio