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Gulf Coast Laboratory for Wildlife Research

A new website containing elements of my book The Fauna of Kerr County, with a Kerr County site guide, can now be found at the link below. It is under construction, and will be for some time, as i assemble information compiled since 1986.

The Fauna and Flora of Kerr County, Texas

Another developing site -- research since 1971 in Trinity County, Texas . . .
The Fauna and Flora of Trinity County, Texas

Next up -- The Fauna and Flora of Real County, Texas


Reproductive biology, comparative ecology, and daily time-budgets, of the Texas Slider (Pseudemys texana) and Cagle's Map Turtle (Graptemys caglei)

The distribution and comparative acoustic biology of the Hasbrouck's Screech-Owl (Otus asio hasbroucki) and Sutton's Screech-Owl (Otus kennicottii suttoni) on the central Edwards Plateau

Behavioral ecology and aspects of vocal repertoire enhancement in the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapillus)

Vocal demes and behavioral ecology in the Golden-cheeked Warbler (Dendroica chrysoparia)

The function of mimicry and its relationship to migratory behavior in the Zone-tailed Hawk (Buteo albonotatus)

The consequences of population overlap in the Parulas (Parula americana and Parula pitiayumi) [in conjunction with Robb Brumfield, Louisiana State University Museum of Zoology; Tim Brush, University of Texas-Pan American; Kelly B. Bryan; Erik Breden, The Otterside; Donna Dittmann, Louisiana State University]

Morphological systematics of the genus Zenaida

Vocal nuances and systematic relationships of the Aphelocoma jays from the Edwards Plateau of Texas to the Mexican Central Highlands

Whisper-song in the Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas) and the San Blas Jay (Cyanocorax [Cissilopha] sanblasiana nelsoni)

True song and vocal repertoires in the new world kingfishers (Alcedinidae)

Captive propagation and vocal behavior of the Socorro Dove (Zenaida graysoni)

Vocal behavior of the Texas Pygmy Mouse (Baiomys taylori)

Distribution of Texas Odonata (with Greg Lasley, for the University of Texas)

Descriptions of four new species of Humboldtiana

Gene flow in the xeric land snail Genus Holospira

The consequences of overlap zones in Holospira riograndensis, Holospira yucantanensis and Holospira hamiltoni

Handbook of Texas Mollusca

CURRENT PUBLICATIONS WORK: working on a collection of essays "Observations from the Edge of a Disappearing World"; finishing second edition of "The Birds of Lake Livingston"; writing species accounts for the Texas Breeding Bird Atlas; doing reviews of "Checklist of the Birds of the Trans-Pecos" by Kelly Bryan (now published) and "Checklist of the Birds of Texas" by Mark Lockwood and Brush Freeman (now published); sixth edition of  "A Checklist of Texas Birds" (now published by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department).

Kelly Bryan has been a close friend and a sometime research collaborator for nearly 30 years. Here he is in about 1991 measuring a Western Kingbird prior to banding it. At the time he was Superintendent of Kickapoo Caverns State Natural Area near Brackettville. He recently retired as head parks biologist for west Texas. He is one of Texas' finest naturalists and conservationists, and is now doing baseline grassland bird inventories for the National Park Service in west Texas, studying migration in the Guadalupe Mountains, and beginning preparations for ornithological expeditions to Peru for Louisiana State University.

Two of my friends are excellent wildlife photographers, both specializing in birds. Greg Lasley was longtime secretary of the Texas Bird Records Committee, which meant that any new records for Texas went through him. Texas ornithology is 1000 times richer for his work. His wife is Cheryl Johnson, Justice of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and they live in Austin. Geg and I have recently begun working on inventorying the Odonates of Texas. Erik Breden uses his photos in the business, Otterside, he runs with his wife Mary. They make bookmarks, educational flipcards, magnets, and beautiful notecards with Erik's photos. To see these guys' work click on the appropriate link below:

Greg Lasley                     Otterside

With Ralph Moldenhauer, Dave and Marcia Braun, Mary Ann Chapman, Ray Jochetz, Peter Scott,
Kelly Bryan, Greg Lasley and Alma Barrera at the then Kerrville State Park in Kerrville, Texas
for a meeting of the Texas Ornithological Society, 1980 (Greg Lasley photo)

David Stuart 1949-1999

Rulings of the Texas Bird Records Committee

TBRC     1993        1994        1995       1996        1997       1998       1999

2000       2001        2002        2003       2004

Recent bird records of interest

Brewer's Blackbirds                  Greater Pewee

Locations to obtain Kelly's, Greg's, mine, et al.'s CHECKLIST OF TEXAS BIRDS
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Checklist 1          Checklist 2         Checklist 3          Checklist 4

Checklist 5          Checklist 6         Checklist 7


Angonoka 1

Angonoka 2

Swallow-tailed Kite

Attwater's Prairie Chicken 1

Attwater's Prairie Chicken 2

Attwater's Prairie Chicken 3

Aplomado Falcon 1

Aplomado Falcon 2

Aplomado Falcon 3

Aplomado Falcon 4

Aplomado Falcon 5

Louisiana Pine Snake 1

Socorro Dove 1

Socorro Dove 2

Socorro Dove 3

Hinckley Oak 1

Hinckley Oak 2

Hinckley Oak 3

Tobusch Fishhook Cactus 1

Tobusch Fishhook Cactus 2

Golden-cheeked Warbler 1

Golden-cheeked Warbler 2

Golden-cheeked Warbler 3

Golden-cheeked Warbler 4

Vaquita 1

Vaquita 2

Bog Turtle 1

Information and links about the map turtles and sawbacks of the genus Graptemys,
and about wild equids, can be found on the next two web pages.